With the threat of COVID-19 on the horizon it’s possible that your organisation has been reviewing your business continuity plans.  It’s also possible that the concept of remote working has been one of the measures considered to reduce the chances of spreading or being affected by coronavirus.  The value added survey products mentioned below fully support remote working as video and 3D models can be made available on web platforms and they allow concurrent viewing of up to date site detail from multiple locations.  With access to the internet, staff can even take part in meetings from home.

For some time now, as well as providing the more usual survey products, topo surveys etc. A.D.S. & Associates have been providing 3D models to assist teams in allowing them to visualise sites remotely in the early design stages.  The underlying data is also used to provide contours, spot heights, orthophotos, drainage models, volumes etc.

As for the cost, the data collection for these products is often a part of the normal survey process and can actually reduce survey costs in some cases. 

If you would like to see some examples of 3D models etc. please see the gallery and case studies on this site contact us if you would like to discuss how they might assist you.